1 in 6

in the UK with hearing loss

1.1 billion

at risk of hearing loss due to exposure to recreational noise

1 in 10

in the UK have Tinnitus

 Preserve your hearing

Don't sacrifice your health or the sound

Noise induced hearing loss is real and irreversible. 

No cure is currently available.

Earnomic can’t fix what's already damaged, but we can definitely help you prevent, preserve and educate before it's too late. 

It is suggested that half of all cases of hearing loss can be prevented.

What causes hearing loss?

Small hair cells in the ear canal which send impulses to the brain, allow us to hear. Overexposure to loud noises can damage these hair cells for good, meaning sounds will become muffled or mute compared to your previous hearing ability.

Another form of damage is unwanted or uncontrollable noise, known as Tinnitus which currently has no cure. 

Caused by overexposure to loud noise resulting in a constant ringing in the ears and can become permanent.

How much can your ears take?

Very few of us are educated enough to know when enough is enough.

Very few know that a  small reduction in volume makes a big difference to the length of time you can safely listen. This leaves you in a vulnerable position when you don't have control of the sound.

Earnomic puts you in charge of your ears by extending the length of your experience safely. Give your ears a break or enjoy the ear plugs for the whole event.


The choice is yours.



Founded in 2017, a passion for music and a personal experience with hearing loss in 2016 lead the way to creating this business. Earnomic aims to help protect the masses that are oblivious to the dangers sound can cause if used irresponsibly. 


We do this by supplying high quality hearing protection.

Earnomic's mission is simple.


Hear more, stay protected and preserve your hearing, and spread awareness.


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